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Montag, 23. September 2013, 21:00

[pcars] This Week In Project CARS 2013/18

Lots of big & small things have been going on at WMD during the past few days. You weren't around for all of it? Then make sure to catch up on the most important topics below!

Development News

Slightly Mad Studios & Panasonic unveiled a partnership in 4k gaming at the IFA expo in Berlin last week, check out the frontpage for more info - Click Here

Stepan Vondrak is making excellent progress on integrating Steamworks features into Project CARS as session management functionality has now been added - Click Here

Our Physics & Handling Consultant Ben Collins has submitted another one of his excellent feedback blogs on the latest builds - Click Here

Our Producer Jonny Merrit has posted up some more production scheduling info on the planned Project CARS milestones - Click Here

Content Previews

Ricardo Machuca & Ralph Hummerich are making rapid progress with modelling & texturing the 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM - Click Here

Our track team is plugging away on adding new details to Emirates Raceway - Click Here

Daniel Karlsson has made some changes to the 2012 Formula Gulf FG1000 steering wheel - Click Here

Jan Pavelko has been busy adding new details to Volusia Raceway - Click Here

Work on the 2013 Formula C has picked up as Ivo Franic is busy with modeling work - Click Here

A complete set of 20 community-painted liveries for the 1991 BMW M3 E30 Group A has been checked in - Click Here

Azure Circuit has received some more polish, including new details & improved buildings - Click Here

Connecticut Hill has been equipped with USA-style water barrels - Click Here

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Raceway has received these water barrels as well - Click Here

Fixes & Updates

Windscreen wiper animations for the 1991 BMW M3 E30 Group A have been checked in - Click Here

Collision shapes & other small details of the 1980 Ford Capri Zakspeed Group 5 have been improved - Click Here

The 2011 BAC Mono has received improved collision shapes as well - Click Here

A first pass of the formation lap functionality has been checked in - Click Here

Improved tires for the Caterham R500 & Classic & the Ariel Atom 3 have been checked in - Click Here, Here & Here

Several changes have been made to the BMW Z4 GT3, the GT3 Slick & the Group A Slick - Click Here & Here

Test & Report Feedback

The Car Physics Focus Testing events have been launched, make sure to try all three of them and share your feedback in the physics forum! - Click Here

Where do you live? Let us know in the newest poll - Click Here


Our member Are Leistad has released an excellent Telemetry Logging & Analysis application - Click Here

Looking for an event to race in? The check out the Weekly Events list

Make sure to check out the pCARS API forum for several cool Project CARS apps that have recently been released - Click Here
Beim Beschleunigen müssen die Tränen der Ergriffenheit zu den Ohren hin abfließen!


Montag, 23. September 2013, 21:59

Wo warst gestern ? war ein nettes Rennen mit dem M1


Mittwoch, 25. September 2013, 08:38

Will auch wieder. Bin nur momentan so spät zu Hause... Werde mich aber demnächst auch mal wieder sehen lassen. Alex hab ich auch schon lange nicht mehr gesprochen.
Beim Beschleunigen müssen die Tränen der Ergriffenheit zu den Ohren hin abfließen!

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