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Sonntag, 11. August 2013, 11:06

Formula Truck 2013 Update

Wie durch die Reiza Studios am heutigen Morgen bei mitgeteilt wurde, wird das Update auf die 2013er Truck Version bald erscheinen.

Das Update soll neue Truck Modelle, Skins und auch Strecken enthalten.
Die Formula Truck Besitzer werden schon vorab innerhalb der nächsten 24 Stunden per Mail einen Link für den Download der 2013er Version erhalten.
Hier ist der Orginal Text:


We are currently working on the final bits and bobs for the updated Formula Truck website for the official release of Formula Truck 2013.

In the meantime, we figured we should do as we did when the game was originally released, and give all our supporters - whoever bought either the original Formula Truck, or GSC / GSC2012 - a chance to grab it a little earlier :)

If you are amongst them, expect to receive within the next 24 hours an email to the address you registered on your purchase with the download links - if for any reason you don´t get it in this time (and it´s not in your SPAM box), or if you purchased using a different method, contact us via PM here or send an email to

If however you haven´t bought Formula Truck yet, there is no reason to feel left out - make your purchase herenow to receive the download link along with your Serial Number!

The official website will soon be updated to feature all the info, download links and support information you might need. But feel free to discuss, ask questions or post your feedback here once you get it.

Afterall, sunday is a great day for truck racing

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Sonntag, 11. August 2013, 13:15

Oh yes, das sieht mir doch ganz nach einem Scania T Hauber aus. :thumbsup:
Bloß schade das Formula Truck online so gut wie tot ist... :/
There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't.


Sonntag, 11. August 2013, 19:15

Hier sind die Veränderungen aufgelistet:


Those that own the original Formula Truck or had tested it earlier will find Formula Truck 2013 to be a lot more than a mere season update. Below is a list with some of the main developments and features of the new Formula Truck 2013:

2013 trucks & New Tracks

As the name suggests, Formula Truck 2013 simulates the 2013 season with the new trucks, some of which have been extensively modified relative to their 2012 counterparts.

2013 also adds two new extra-calendar tracks - Campo Grande and Santa Cruz do Sul. More is to come.

Extensive graphical revamp

Advanced, in-depth shader development, new & improved models and textures, various adittional trackside objects and details all add up to provide a much more vibrant and lively environment to Formula Truck 2013.

No stone unturned

Every front has received some level of attention to smooth any remaining rough edges from the original Formula Truck.

Physics have been adjusted to latest 2013 specs and data, with wear&tear of engines, tires and brakes also fine-tuned for more realistic behavior.

AI has also been adjusted so the AI trucks behave better and more consistently, adopting more reasonable strategies - no more pitstops in full distance races with normal tire and fuel multipliers,

Audio is now more balanced and new environmental sounds have been added - park trackside or cycle through the revised TV cams and hear the "buzz" from a Formula Truck race - from the announcer on the loudspeakers, to the birds twirping from a distance.

Extra detailed track surface, terrain and special effects

A lot of work has been done to enhance road surface and terrain details, in general and specifically to each track - bumps, grip levels, grass, curbs - everywhere you can put a wheel in has a greater depth of detail - and depending where and how you put it, the smoke / dust clouds can be massive!

Another new feature is a (non-dynamic) racing line - step offline, and feel the loss of grip through the FFB as you kick up a cloud of offline dirt - careful not to outbrake yourself there!

All of this combine to what is a much better & well rounded simulator, and our most polished release so far. We hope you folks enjoy it