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Freitag, 29. September 2017, 12:22

Is Oculus Rift support broken in latest version of ETS2?

Hello all,

ETS2 1.27 is the only game on my PC that I cannot run anymore on my Oculus Rift: as soon as I start the game I can hear the intro sound (choppy), but still Oculus Home is shown for about 10 seconds. Then the intro is shown, but the image is very choppy and the Oculus hourglass is shown repeatedly. Sometimes the image is stuck for a few seconds. I can enter the game and start driving but it has about 5 FPS and the Oculus hourglass keeps popping up.

I tried a lot: no mods, new profile, steam integrity check, removed the game, reinstalled it, removed c:\users\myname\documents\euro truck simulator, disabled anti-virus, installed the latest nVidia driver, reinstalled (repaired) the Oculus software, nothing helps.
All other Steam games and demos like Assetto Corsa, Found, MSI Electric, GE Run the Oculus run just fine, no problem at all. ETS is the only game that will not run in ETS, without problems. This started about a week ago.

The game runs fine when it is running on my monitor. It just does not run in VR (startup option -culus and opted in for the beta ETS2 1.27 Oculus VR).

Does anyone else have this issue too? Does anyone have a solution? Is VR for ETS2 broken?

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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